March 22, 2011

For the past month and a half, we have been dealing with trying to get things that had been left  on the property adjacent to the park of the house we rented in Honduras stored.  We weren’t able to do it before we left due to:

(1) the road down to the items being inaccessible from excessive rains, and huge boulders lying across the access road; and (2) the property’s owner hadn’t appeared for more than 10 years, moved off of this property.  Suddenly, the owner appeared, and our previous landlords bought the property.  Crazy trying to organize moving things from over 3,000 miles away….

Please pray that communications would improve and that we would be able to get everything taken care of (including a place for the cat we left behind).

Our children are loving it here mostly — Rebecca and Hannah now say they want to stay here.  Caleb now works about 6-7 hrs. per month up at the hotel (this property also serves as a conference center for various groups) helping out in the dining room with clean-up.  He loves the pay!

We are also very proud of him completing a 13.1 mile half-marathon on March 5th.  He made it in 2:33 and seconds, 7th in his age group of 14-16 yr. olds.