So this morning after Monday morning meeting, moms and school age children here at YWAM Chico ( were asked to help (voluntarily) pick up trash after the record breaking camp of 470+ that left here last Friday, as a new camp was arriving after lunch.  Rebecca and I were heading out to help.  But, for more than a month, Hannah (not yet 9) has been begging me to get permission for her to sweep the floor of the huge dining room (seats 400).

Before the meeting, I had stopped and asked the faithful clean up man (he’s been here more than 30 years I think) if sometime she might be able to sweep, and he told me that all of the chairs were on top of the tables for sweeping, and given all he had to do, he’d love the help.  After the meeting and break, he gave Hannah a brand new broom to use!  For almost the next two hours, she swept that dining room spick and span.  He was amazed at how much dirt she swept up.  He even brought another staff father to show her sweeping — he said that they’d just see the end of the broom, and then occasionally her little blonde head would pop up between the tables.  She finally came home, sweating all over, but happy.  She kept saying, “I’m Honduran; I know how to sweep!” (that isn’t a prerequisite to being Honduran, but it doesn’t hurt :0)

At the pool this afternoon (24/7 goes to the pool after lunch), for the first time this summer the girls and I went down just before 24/7 was leaving.  Caleb and I chatted a little bit in there.  He asked me, “Mom?  Are we going back to Honduras next year?”  I asked him, “Do you want to?”  His response sort of blew me away:  “I want to be wherever God wants me to be.”  Amen — God is at work!  As I wrote in the last post a couple of days ago, we don’t know what God has in store for us, but we will follow his leading  :).

After the pool, that same, sweet little girl got herself in trouble, so I told her she would have to go to her room after getting out of the bath.  She retorted, but didn’t come out of the bathroom for 2 hours!  When I went in, she had organized the two shelves, straightened the shelves of the bathroom and the sink.  I was floored again; twice in one day!

Please, if you have a chance, read the last two “blogs” from a new link I just attached this evening to our website, written by the Wiggs Family.  It is called, “The Kingdom Life”.  They haven’t completed quite two years in Honduras, came home for 5 weeks, but now their return has been delayed as their children told them in the past couple of weeks (I’m not sure how it all came up — they are 13 and 10) that they feel that everything, from ministry to street children they minister to, are more important than they are to their parents — very humbling.  So, life in Honduras is on hold until they all feel prepared to return down there.

God sure is more interested in what He does IN us, than through us.  I am more and more convinced of that, along with the conviction that when we are willing to expose our brokenness (not showcase it), God works even more powerfully, since all can see that HE is the one to receive the praise.