treechatter_logoTree Chatter’s Solar Oven Systems uniquely benefit individuals, communities, and the global environment both immediately and with long-term results. Through economic and environmental instruction, Tree Chatter empowers women of Honduras to become small business owners, improve their personal health and safety, provide affordable food to impoverished communities, and invest in the future and the environment with the planting of fruit-bearing seedlings, all through an alternative method of cooking that saves trees and utilizes the sustainable natural resource of solar power. . Tree Chatter’ story and innovative entrepreneurial spirit inspires us all, whether big or small, rich or poor, to hope, dream, believe and work towards a better tomorrow for the world we all share. Tree Chatter’s volunteers have given of their lives and resources to alleviate poverty and enhance the quality of life in Honduras by empowering the hard working poor to raise their standard of living through self-sustaining micro-enterprise called Micro-Sun-Bakeries. These bakeries utilize the ultimate renewable resource, sunshine, to cost-effectively provide a needed food staple while combating the destructive forces of deforestation, working to decrease desertification. Partner with Tree Chatter. chatter_collage_01

Sponsor one solar oven micro-bakery project at $5000 (for repairs, training, baking supplies, and monitoring) and improve the lives of individuals, communities and the environment in Honduras.