Solar energy is our world’s most powerful natural resource. Tree Chatter’s solar ovens harness the immense heating power of the sun to cook healthy and affordable food. The oven chamber consists of an insulated, black interior with a glass door. When the oven is focused in the sun, the interior of the oven is heated by the sun’s energy. Direct and reflected sunlight enters the oven chamber through the glass door. It then turns to heat energy when it is absorbed by the black inner-shell. This heat input causes the temperature inside the oven to rise until the heat loss of the oven is equal to the solar heat gain. The light energy absorbed by the oven’s dark interior is converted into longer wavelength heat energy. Most of this longer-wavelength radiant energy cannot pass back out through the doubled paned high-temperature glass and insulated oven chamber ensuring efficient cooking and baking. Seldom needed, and in most micro bakery cases never used, the oven comes with a propane back-up system so it can operate in the dark if necessary. In countries like Honduras that are abundant in sunshine, solar oven systems are reliable, economic, efficient, and environmentally healthy alternatives to fire cooking.